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The Early Bird Gets the Star Treatment

Six hours before I created the star-filled photograph at Goose Island, above, I stood in the parking lot at Logan’s Pass watching the night sky. The forecast had predicted a mostly cloudy night, but only patchy clouds drifted by as the evening progressed and as light levels dropped, I thought I might enjoy one last opportunity to photograph the Milky Way with the Perseids at their peak. When, a half hour later, large, heavy clouds lumbered in from the west, I still waited and hoped the skies might clear enough for me to photograph. But the clouds eventually filled the sky, and I reluctantly called it a night.

I questioned that decision as soon as I walked to my car a few hours later. At 2:30, only a small cloud or two flitted by and stars filled the sky as I drove to Goose Island. And though I’ll never know what I might have captured had I remained at Logan’s Pass through the night, I’m very happy with the photos I created during the early hours that morning.

For at least an hour, I had the place entirely to myself and enjoyed a sense of solitude I could not find during the day at such a crowded park. It was, for a change, refreshingly cool; the gentlest of breezes ruffling the leaves; and quiet—with only the birds calling, the squirrels chattering, and the waves gently breaking along the lakeshore. A lovely morning with which to end a memorable trip.