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A Colorful Start to the New Year

As you can see, the first day of the new year began with a blaze of color. The sunrise that January 1st morning took place a mere twenty years ago, but as January invites us to look both forward and back (as the Roman god Janus did) it seemed appropriate to reach back in time for a timely photo that can get this New Year off to a colorful start.

Though we haven’t traveled during the holidays for several years, we spent the end of 1994 and beginning of 1995 touring the southwest, visiting Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Monument Valley along the way. In fact, having just recently moved to California, we were photographing the Southwest for the first time.

I’m not sure whether I’ll return to Monument Valley in 2016, but it is on the list of other possible locations. I already have reservations in Glacier National Park, and I’m planning trips to Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Coast, Yosemite, and to Redwoods country. In fact, I can’t wait to get on the road.

By the way, we did manage to select our ten favorite photos of 2015. You can see them here.