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Dawn at the Bixby Creek Bridge

On a late autumn morning, a hint of color tints the sky above California’s Big Sur coastline.Just before Thanksgiving, the forecast indicated that we might find some morning clouds off the Carmel coastline, so we left early the next day and stopped at the Bixby Creek Bridge to see what sunrise would bring.

Though the coast can get socked in with fog during the summer, the winter months often offer good color at both sunrise and sunset. On this morning, we did—as promised—find enough light clouds off the coast to produce subtle pastel colors that brightened as the early morning progessed (as you can see from the photo, above, to the photo, at right. Unfortunately, the clouds (and the color) lasted only a short while.

After they dissipated, it turned into a beautiful, blue-sky California day, and we spent the morning driving up the coast and enjoying the spectacular scenery.