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Subtle Morning Hues

I once heard a photographer explain that he no longer felt compelled to return to the Grand Canyon because it’s only a one-shot location. And he, apparently, had already taken that photograph.

Since I have yet to find that one photo to rule all Grand Canyon photos, I keep returning there in different seasons and different weather in hopes of stumbling upon it. (Though not when I’m right next to the rim). Last month, when I returned to the park for the first time in a few years, I found the photo above on a cool October morning. Clouds hung above and crawled within the canyon, fingering their way across butte and mesa. Its strength tempered by the overcast, the sun did what it could to shine through the cover, painting the skies and canyon clouds with subtle morning hues.

Taken with a telephoto lens, it offers a mere slice of the canyon, but I’ll share other, more expansive views of the canyon with you in the weeks ahead.