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Sharing the Joy

Several years ago—almost to the day—I stood at Oxbow Bend on a crisp autumn morning with Mount Moran towering over the slowly changing Aspen reflected in the still waters of the Snake River before me. After photographing there for a while longer, I drove up the road to the Jackson Lake Lodge and a late breakfast.

After breakfast in the cafeteria, I often sit in the atrium—a large, light-filled space with lots of chairs and sofas, free WiFi (for guests), and a breathtaking view through a two-story, floor to ceiling glass fascade. Sitting there and sipping on a large mocha (or two), gives me the chance to relax, think about the morning’s shoot, download the morning’s images, and catch up on email.

It also allows me to watch new arrivals to the park get their first glimpse of the Teton range. For me, the Tetons are like old friends. I’ve visited them many times. Know how the park looks in different seasons. Can close my eyes and see those jagged peaks wherever I happen to be. But when visitors come to the park, walk into the Jackson Lake atrium, and see the Tetons for the first time, you can see the absolute wonder in their eyes. And share their joy.