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Light Painting by Proxy

On the evening I created this photo, quite a few planes appeared in the southern sky. And since I didn’t want light streaks from the planes in the photo, I waited for them to pass out of the scene. Which took a while. A long while. Photographing with a 24mm lens meant that I was capturing a fairly large slice of the night sky. And on a number of occasions, a second plane would enter the scene just as the first one exited stage right. Or left.

So as soon as the planes cleared the sky, I shot, not wanting to risk the sudden appearance of yet another plane.

And that’s when, almost on cue, a car would round the bend and shine a light on my composition. Most of the time, the unexpected light show completely ruined the photo in progress. But with the shot above, it brought a pleasant surprise.

To see a few more of the photos created during my very short trip to the Yosemite high country, visit our Eastern Sierra Stars gallery. Enjoy.