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Can It Be Too Sunny?

“Enjoy the sun.” I heard that a lot in Forks, WA. On local weather reports. In restaurants. From the baristas at drive-up coffee shops. The Washington coast, after all, normally sees a lot of cloudy days, so everyone was pleasantly surprised by the unusually sunny weather. I, on the other hand, had expected (hoped for) overcast mornings—to give me plenty of time to photograph the rainforests inland—and partially cloudy evenings—to offer lots of color while photographing the sea stacks on the coast.

So much for best laid plans.

Arriving at the Hoh rainforest well before dawn afforded me an extra half-hour or so of good light before blue skies broke out and it became too contrasty to photograph. And while I found plenty of clouds on the coast in the evening, they hung around at the worst possible place—right along the horizon—blocking soft evening light from warming the scene at the beaches I visited. I came and I photographed. But the results disappointed.

Until the sixth evening. Though clouds still formed right along the horizon, they weren’t as deep or as thick as they had been previously. And that allowed me to create the photo featured in this week’s post, and several other last-light images you can see on our Pacific Coast gallery. Enjoy.