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A Receding Tide
and Rosy Sky

On the evening of June 3, I photographed sea stacks and scattered clouds being warmly lit by the sun setting behind me into a fairly heavy bank of clouds on the horizon. At 9:09 pm, the sun set, and with no upper clouds in the Western sky, I thought I’d get little afterglow and supposed that my first night at Olympic National Park might come to a relatively early close.


Even without high-level clouds, I not only saw a beautiful afterglow but it lasted well over an hour.

I featured it in the photo above to delineate the dark clouds just above the horizon and to contrast with the cool tones of the receding waves in the foreground. Created at 9:46 pm—more the 35 minutes after sunset—it is one of a half-dozen or so photographs I composed that night to take advantage of the afterglow. The glow only began to fade about 15 minutes afterwards.

To see the final images composed that evening—and others created during our Olympic National Park trip—take a look at our Pacific Northwest gallery. Hope you enjoy them.