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An Evening at Cannon Beach

At Sunset, Clouds Hover over the Haystack as the Tide Recedes. Cannon Beach, Oregon.An immersive experience.

I hadn’t planned to be standing in knee-deep (and higher) water when I walked down the beach earlier that evening. In fact, the photo I had originally planned to take would have allowed me to stand comfortably clear of the oncoming tide.

Then I noticed the patterns of the receding waves, and I walked up a bit more, so that I could keep Haystack and the setting sun in good position relative to those patterns in the surf.

After taking a few photos from that position, I saw the shot that I really wanted to take, one that would allow me to shoot down the length of the beach, with the wave patterns in the foreground and Haystack and the color from the setting sun in the middle ground. And even though that shot (seen above) required several additional steps into the surf, I stood only a little bit more than ankle-deep in the surf.

By the time I finished framing additional photos from that position, twilight hues had replaced the warm colors of the setting sun, and I saw new possibilities in the scene unfolding before me. I didn’t have to move up any further to capture the photo below. But by then it was high tide, and since I was already relatively wet, what did a few more inches of damp matter?

A Sliver of Light Peeks thought Overcast Skies behind the Needles and Haystack. Cannon Beach, Oregon.