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Off to a Colorful Start

Though late afternoons at Tunnel View rarely disappoint, I often find myself starting my days there, as well. It’s rarely as busy in the morning, and the overlook can offer many splendid opportunities. Especially when clouds gather over the mountain tops and the rising sun is able to find its way through whatever cloud cover hovers along the horizon. Then it can be magical, seeing the sun paint the clouds.

On the cold, windy April morning I created the photograph above, I had arrived early. Chosen a spot. Set up my tripod. And waited. Did I mention that it was cold and windy? Well, it was. And once or twice, I jumped in my car just to warm up a bit and get out of the elements. As the time for sunrise slowly approached, the clouds hovered but remained dark and foreboding. I watched as one photographer after another packed up and left. Finally, with my iPhone telling me that it was already past sunrise and with only one other photographer sharing the parking lot with me, I decided to call it a morning, as well.

So I walked over to my car. Deposited my bag and my camera on the seat. And started to collapse my tripod.

And that’s when the clouds began to lighten. I knew I didn’t have much time, so I set everything back up as quickly as I could. A minute or three later, I began shooting. In all, I think I had time to create about a half dozen photos before the color faded completely. The light arrived and left that quickly.

But it did make for a great start for the day.