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Visiting Old Friends

I had a great time photographing the area where I captured the photo, above, and now I return to it every time I visit Yosemite.

I can say the same for dozens of other spots in the park. That includes well- known locations, such as Tunnel View and Swinging Bridge; and less-obvious locales, like the place where I photographed the ice floating on the Merced one winter morning a few years ago.

Think of it as visiting old friends. The more times you speak to a friend, even someone you know quite well, the more you learn about them. The same applies to locations. Visit one often, and you discover more and more about the place—subjects you hadn’t discovered on previous visits; how the area changes with the season or the tides; how morning compares with evening light; whether the scene looks its best side- or back-lit; how it looks lit only by the full moon or dusted with snow.

So, the next time you visit a new location, consider it the beginning of a beautiful friendship.