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Twilight at Pfeiffer Beach

As soon as I finished shooting the light streaming through the arch featured in last week’s post, I ran across Pfeiffer Beach to a second location I had checked out earlier that afternoon. By the time I got into position, the sun had hit a bank of clouds sitting on the horizon, but I still framed some nice photos of the sun sinking into the distant water. And thanks to the moderately overcast skies, color remained in the skies after sunset, allowing me to create the photo above as Twilight descended on the beach.

With the sky retaining color into twilight and the incoming tide breaking against the rocks along the shore, I decided to set up a long exposure and try for one last shot. So I pulled out an ND filter, used Slower Shutter to calculate the time of the exposure, switched to Bulb, and tripped the shutter. Everything went fine.


With a little less than 30 seconds remaining on the counter, incoming waves (which had been getting closer and closer to me as the app counted down) roared up the beach, rushing past my tripod and right through my legs. The tripod stood tall despite the watery encounter, and my gear, sitting behind me on a nearby rock, remained high and dry. Unfortunately, the last second turbulence caused the tripod to sink in the sand just enough for a ghost image of the foreground rocks to form in the frame.

Note to self: next time, set up the tripod on the rocks, too.