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End of Day

With clouds in the forecast, I spent a couple of days last week on the coast, exploring overlooks south of Big Sur, spending a late afternoon/early evening at Pfeiffer Beach, and stopping at a now often visited location.

The first time I stopped at Bixby Bridge to photograph (several years ago now), I caught a sweet sunrise. A thin bank of clouds above the horizon lit with pale yellows and oranges as frothy waves broke against the beach below.

The print of that photo hangs on one of our walls, and seeing it encouraged me to begin visiting the bridge again. Most of those have been early morning outings. And despite checking the weather and waiting for favorable conditions, none of those trips yielded images I’d want to print. Or keep. So I decided to try something different—an overnight stay in Big Sur that would afford a shorter morning drive and an opportunity to see what a sunset looked like at the bridge.

While the first morning had too few clouds and the final morning too many, the second proved just right—both morning and evening—resulting in the photo above. To us, the photo says “California Coast,” and I hope you agree. But as much as I like the photo, I think I’ll have to continue visiting the bridge from time to time and add other images to our Bixby Bridge collection.