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A Little Ice
Might Be Nice

Icy Patterns in the Water along the Banks of the Merced River. Yosemite National Park, California.Waxing nostalgic, I chose these photos (above and right) of ice formations along the Merced River for this week’s post.

Though I had hopes of adding to our collection of wintry photos as storm after December storm brought snow and seasonable weather to the Sierras, January decided to take a different course and now threatens to become the driest opening month in California history. And possibly the warmest, too.

For weeks California has enjoyed above normal temperatures, and that trend may continue. Yesterday while Death Valley warmed to 86°, Carmel, sitting on the normally cool coast, surprised with a temperature of 79°, and Yosemite basked at a balmy 70°.

The weather even has the flora confused: we have roses blooming in our backyard and trees flowering throughout our bay area neighborhood. I don’t want—nor wish anyone else—blizzards and/or subzero temperatures, but a reasonable amount of snow (especially in the Sierras) and winter-like temperatures would be a welcome change of pace.