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A Chance Encounter

Driving down to Madison area one frosty morning in Yellowstone National Park, we spotted a lone coyote hunting just off the road near Elk Meadow, and though we hustled out of the snow coach as quickly as we could, the coyote disappeared into the trees even more quickly. Lucky for us, a pair of somewhat more cooperative coyote stepped out of the pines on the other side of the road just as we turned to head back to the vehicle.

Though wary, the pair gave us enough time to set up and frame a few photographs. I concentrated on the male, I believe—that had no brush around him. After standing still for a few minutes, he began to walk straight towards me, kicking up snow as he walked. After three or four steps, he nonchalantly turned to his left and ambled up the road, his mate in tow. It was fun the whole five minutes it lasted.